The joint-stock company DEL has introduced and uses a system ensuring quality according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 in design, manufacture, assembly, service of electrical and machine equipment. On 30 October 2000, the company was certified by the TŰV Management Service GmbH Mőnchen and the company was granted with the Quality System Certificate (QM) according to ČSN EN ISO 9001

The company was also awarded with the Certificate of Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 and Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (BOZP) according to ČSN ISO 45001.
An exceptional Certificate of ČEZ a.s., Section of Nuclear Power Energy says that the DEL company has demonstrated the ability to develop, manufacture, assemble and service electrical and machine equipment and technological processes control systems for nuclear and conventional power industry. This certificate has been supplemented with the state exam on the basis of which the company has obtained a permit from the Atomic Safety Agency to provide deliveries and works in the radiation controlled areas of ČEZ a.s. and UJV Řež, a.s.