Machinery safety and certification

The Decree of the Government No. 378/2001Sb. (EU directives 89/655/ EHS) equipment must meet basic requirements of safety operation.
We solve individual cases by a system of separate offers as follows:

  • Evaluation/assessment of the machinery
  • The result is a report with the proposed risk reduction measures – “Report on Evaluation of the Machinery”
  • Elaboration of the project implementation based on customer’s wish
  • Implementation of measures to reduce a risk

We solve:

  • Elaboration of current status documentation
  • Safe supply and drainage of all energies
  • A possibility to provide facility with a barrier or protective equipment
  • Placement of controllers out of dangerous space
  • Devices for emergency functions according to the type of risk
  • Supply of relevant devices for reliable disconnection

We focus mostly on: Mechanical and hydraulic presses, Equipment for die casting, Lines for processing sheet from coil, Production and assembly lines, Welding shops, Robotic workplaces, Single-purpose machines.