The DEL company is a supplier of photovoltaic power stations for roofs of family houses, production shops, commercial and farm buildings.
In the scope of PVPS (photovoltaic power station) we offer:

  • Assessment of suitability with respect to the placement of PVPS
  • Individual proposal by certified PV*SOL  software
  • Optimization of suitable converters with respect to its optimal load
  • Economic calculator of an anticipated yield and anticipated return
  • Delivery of components for  PVPS (panels, converters, construction)
  • Installation and commissioning of PVPS, including initial electrical inspection
  • Support in dealing with legislative requirements associated with the permit and operation of PVPS
  • Support for elaborating periodical statements and invoices

We use components from reputable manufacturer. Warranty service is a standard part of the PVPS supply. 566 657 105