Repairs and modernization

We offer and provide repairs and modernization of electrical equipment of technological units for machines and machinery, MaR equipment, production lines, data collection and others. We offer services in the scope of overall repairs and modernization or separately, only for electrical equipment.
We solve:

  • Elaboration of current status documentation
  • Safety of machinery and equipment
  • Elaboration of project documentation of repair or modernization
  • SW of PLC, PC and robots for the projects of repair and modernization
  • Visualization of technological processes
  • Certification, Declaration of Conformity ES

We provide:

  • Reconstruction or replacement of switchboards, panels
  • Replacement of outdated PLC, PC control systems
  • Adjustment of existing PLC and PC SW, including visualization
  • Replacement of existing drives, including control and SW
  • Replacement and completion of electrical components
  • Replacement of cabling