Single Purpose Machines

We suggest developing, constructing and manufacturing single purpose machines there where it is impossible to use machines made in series.

Our typical applications:

  • Hydraulic shears with a floating shear frame and lower shear for hot-cutting billets.
  • Shears for preparation of semi-finished products for follow-up forging of car engine valves.
  • Scrapping shears for clearance of cuttings of a metal strip up to thickness of 8m max. on the longitudinal dividing line.
  • Cutting mechanism of the IK container designated for disposal of “sensors” in the jacket of the nuclear reactor.
  • Hydraulic straightening press for straightening rounds and square billets with the diameter up to 300 mm and with a straightening force of 12.5 MN.
  • Shear machine for cold cutting bars with diameter up to 60 mm.