Whoever is upgrading his business now, will be stronger after the crisis

“Limited production and slowing the economy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are opening up new opportunities for manufacturing companies. What time is better for making development or service activities, for which you have no time or capacity at full production workload?

That is why we offer the possibility to service, maintain or repair your production lines and equipment. We also offer the possibility of preparing and implementing modernization, automation or robotization projects for your operations. All of this at prices that make sense to both sides. Right now, you have a unique opportunity to move your company towards Industry 4.0 principles. Our solutions will help you save on labour, material and energy costs. Your production will be more efficient and flexible.”

We can do it together

DEL company together with other institutions help to fight with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are part of the Covid 19CZ technology platform, which tries to implement the latest R&D results into practice. These days we have started to produce parts for lung ventilators in our workshops.

DEL company also participates in 3D printing of protective shields for medical professionals (together with the manufacturer of 3D printers, Prusa Research). We not only print protective shields, but also distribute them to hospitals in the Vysočina and southern Moravia regions. At the beginning of April, we were able to hand over almost 3,000 of these shields to the medical staff who are “on the front line”.

Smart chargers make sense for e-mobility

Do you need to solve public charging in a parking lot or a housing estate? Or to charge your company car fleet? Do you solve charging of hotel guests' cars in underground garages? We have a solution for every situation dealing with charging of electric vehicles. We will design a suitable combination of our modular charging stations. We create rechargeable infrastructure according to your needs.

Our charging stations for electric vehicles offer AC or DC charging technology. Our philosophy is to offer products with high utility value and long service life. These products are equipped with features that make sense of e-mobility and offer maximum user comfort. Our know-how enables the delivery of a comprehensive rechargeable cluster system, which can also combine renewable energy sources or energy storage facilities.