Why to choose DEL a.s.?

Production program of the company is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Production of switchboards and control panels

Due to the application of the up-to-date knowledge in science and research, and the investment in our employees’ education we create technologies satisfying customers´ requirements.

  1. Clever and economic solutions contribute to the costs saving, increasing the productivity, they are comfortable for operators, and last but not least, they are characterized by their simple servicing.
  2. Reliability and quality is the decisive factor of our philosophy. We reduce downtimes and increase life span.
  3. The completeness of services in one company is an exceptional character. The DEL company implements all projects completely. We have experienced staff and modern technologies which enable us to quickly solve any situation, wishes or requirements of our customers.